Artist Statement
Two teams, warriors all, enter the great cycle of pain, humiliation, and exhilaration. Different women take the lead, driven by a new and ardent desire. Some come from the Furies, expressing the unappeasable anger of the dead, while alluring others are descended from the Sirens, liberated from their meadow starred with flowers. Streaming forward are the daughters of the Sibyls, each violent twist and collision triggering a momentary collapse in time through which their bodies can sing the future. Fragments of ecstatic prophesies spit out through the screen, interrupted by an occasional image of life at its most minuscule, revealing universes within universes. We struggle to make sense of the formless, the imperceptible. We struggle to name our fear, yet once we recognise it, we become liberated. Over time the women's power and courage increases. They are formidable, licking the future into shape. As they fall to their knees, the Invisible emerges through a bed of skulls into the yawn of radiance.
Description from Bump Projects


da Rimini, Francesca




Graham, Ali


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Video projection


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